Omvendt (Danish for conversely) is a consulting firm that strives to create the best and simplest solutions for clients in a carefully selected collaboration with other freelancers or consulting firms. The starting point is that complex issues are best solved in collaboration. Good solutions require good preparation and a holistic understanding. And the skills to both understand and solve the problems are rarely found in the same company.

Omvendt / Conversely / Vise converso

When we say conversely – or the other way around – we do not mean that the whole thing must necessarily be turned upside down, or that the solution must be “disruptive”, as many others say.

We enter, for example, where there has already been a development process (possibly through the use of consultants), but where the solutions either do not live up to expectations, or have proved difficult to implement. Maybe because there is something one has overlooked? Or because the solutions are actually too innovative?

We also get into the very beginning, where the need may be barely recognized, but sprouts like little ripples in an organization. Here we can make needs assessment and baseline analysis, and we can also provide help to select in house competencies, consultants and partners for the further process. And help ensure that the selection follows relevant rules. We can also help with fundraising.

And finally, we also help the consultants themselves to find clients who need precisely their competencies and who may typically not want to choose this type of consultant. In this way, Omvendt also becomes a community and a platform for other consultants.

And since we don’t have costs for expensive rent, staff benefits etc., we can offer senior hours at sharp prices. Together we will find a pricing model that suits you.

  • We think a fixed offer is best.
  • But it could also be a framework agreement over a longer period
  • Or what we call the “Omvendt-model”, where you get a permanent part-time person from us (hours can vary to your needs), who can join the workplace and be there for Christmas lunches and chats by the coffee machine. But at the same time, you can continuously draw on other specialist skills from us when you need it – for the same price as for one person. And when you don’t need it, well, you just save what you would otherwise have to spend on a man-year equivalent. And we handle it all, off course.

We uncover your blind spots. And ensures that you reach the finish line.